About us

It’s nice to introduce our colleagues here. We are a team of people who love discovering new places and new adventures just like you. We have heart full of enthusiasm for developing tourism sector not only in Mongolia but also in the world. Our relatives and family started their business in tourism sector since the late 1990s and the beginning of 2000s. They’re now operating successfully in hotels & resorts sector, which is extremely helpful for our operation. Our team is offering our warm and friendly services along the journey, and your tour will be managed by our professional travel specialists. We are that people who makes people happy and seeing them happy fulfills our hearts.

We are welcoming real travel fanatics with more responsible, respectful attitudes.

Traveling with us helps you widen your perspectives, get to know new cultures, and see life through a different lens. This is the goal of our operation.

Touring variety

Variety of tour packages with the utmost consideration

Responsible travel

To be responsible for our travelers, locals, and nature

Custom design

We can customize your travel with you only for your preferences


Our professional team will be there for you throughout your travel


We will ensure that you feel like you’re traveling with your friends

24/7 service

We will be happy to respond your request in 24 hours

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