Our planning process

We will go through some steps together to design a perfect trip just for you. The earlier we start, the better we design your trip, as we have variety of travel options. So, we can secure our accommodation, services and guides together. If we collect your information successfully, our travel will fit in your expectations and it will be easier for us to customize your trip down to the finest details.

Communication is an essential part.

1. Narrowing Things Down
By considering and answering these following questions, it will be easier for you to request us what you want to experience. – Which destinations are you interested in exploring, which can be found on our home page, destinations bar. – What is the main purpose and motivation for your travel? – Which activities and experiences are you interested in experiencing? – What are the must-sees and must-dos on your wish list? – Would you tell us a little about your interests, musical preferences and hobbies? – What types of accommodations do you like as we have 4 stars to 5 stars hotels, ger hotels, nomadic families, tents etc.? – How do you prefer to travel and get around? – Describe yourself as a traveler and please provide us with some insight as to what your expectations towards your trip and our services are.

2. Sending A Request
Our next step will be sending us an email containing your name, age, travel dates, travel period, as well as your budget etc. and last but not least the answers from the above questions. Your budget information will be helpful for us to hit the mark at an earlier stage in the trip planning process.

3. Responding to Your Request
Since we receive your email, we will start the ball rolling. Our experienced travel specialists will begin the planning process. Sometimes, we might email you for more information before we offer several travel options. We will contact you back within 24 hours.

4. Receiving the Trip suggestions
In a lack of availability, limited infrastructure, off-season limitations consequences, our trip suggestions might take 2-5 working days. The planning process will highly depend on the length of your trip, and in general the nature of your request. We will provide you with several packs of itineraries.

5. Fixing part
We will go back and forth to make sure we choose the best itinerary for your trip at this stage.

6. Paying a deposit
Once you are happy with the suggested travel package, we need the deposit of only 20% of the travel cost for priority service fee to proceed at most times. But, kindly note that this percent is subject to change. We will book and secure all the services related to your trip. We accept online payment with Master/Visa credit cards securely.

8. Updates
You are always welcome to reach out to us to get any information related to your travel. We also will be sending updates of any changes in case of inconvenience.

9. Paying the Balance
About 30 days prior to departure, we will reach out to you to ask you to pay the balance due. Once this has been paid, we will email your final travel documents to you, and you are ready to go.