Here you can find detailed packing lists for seasonal and special activity-tours.

Large, flexible bags are recommended for your main luggage, instead of hard suitcases. Flexible bags are better if we have to carry them on animals like horses, camels depending on your tour specificity. Also, the luggages tend to be loaded from the luggage compartments to cars back and forth many times.

Packing list for all seasons

For fishing tours

Warm clothes, layers, chest waders, windbreaker/ fishing jacket, chamois flannel or fleece vests, waterproof hiking boots, fishing hat with visor, woolen hat, fishing mitts, Polaroid sunglasses, camera, waterproof tackle bag. Packed rods in tubes, a wading rod, forceps or pilers to remove hooks from fish’s mouth and the other fishing gear.

Camping and hiking tours

Sleeping bag, thermal mountain blanket, waterproof cape, talcum powder if hiking in summer, first-aid kit, kit bags for camping equipment and paper clipper for drying clothes.